As a Certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor, and ‘FIT to Lead’ graduate with the Baptiste Institute, I have attained over 1500 hours of teacher and leadership training.  This is just the beginning!  I have been teaching yoga for five years. My journey, which began 14 years ago, has not always been one of ease and grace. In the beginning I found it very challenging to meet my gaze in the mirror because there was always something to fix or change. I was coming from a place of yoga perfect, not yoga practice.  After 15 inspiring years of dancing and training with the School of Alberta Ballet, and the School of Boston Ballet, my dance career came to an end. With no dance in my life, I needed something to help sooth my need for movement, flow and physical activity. The solution? Yoga.

My passion for yoga motivated me to teach and lead classes. After watching my mom teach and powerfully lead yoga classes so naturally for years, I thought it would come naturally to me: I can confidently say, it did not.  My first 200 hour teacher training certification, with Yoga Alliance, I struggled being seen by  my peers as not perfect. Although everyone was learning together, I could not shake the anxiety and nerves that would greet me every time I stood up to lead. Looking back I realize my own worst enemy was myself.  How far I have come as now, I cannot wait to get up to the front and hold the space for each of my students to step into their greatness.The point is, you have to suck before you can SHINE!  I began training with the Baptiste Institute in 2015. That same year was when I taught my first class, by accident. I was a receptionist at a yoga studio when the teacher didn’t show up for her class. Rather than let down a class of students, I had to put aside my fear and teach. To be honest, all of the anxiety and nerves I had during my teacher training were right there to greet me.  I was so terrified I was literally in tears.

One of the best things I’ve learned from Baptiste trainings is those feelings don’t go away; it’s about getting in front of them and being up to something bigger. It hasn’t always been easy or graceful. I wouldn’t know ease if I hadn’t experienced such great discomfort in my teaching. I have had the privilege to be a part of some amazing yoga communities and train under World Champions and International Yoga Instructors. This has led me to learn detailed techniques for beginner and advanced postures. I love that self expression in studentship and teaching is like a finger print, because it is unique. Yoga is my passion. I am willing to be honest, truthful and get messy on this journey. I would be honoured if you would join me on the journey— our journey into power.


When I first started practicing yoga, I never thought it was something I would teach. I didn’t see myself as the flexible or strong yoga practitioner who could lead a room full of people. However, with years of practice and through different forms of training, I have found my voice. I love sharing my passion for Baptiste yoga, a global practice, with others. Ten years later, I am proud to unroll my mat with over 500 hours of yoga teacher training and five years of yoga teaching experience, and as the co-creator of Living Room Yogis. I grew up as a competitive swimmer. Training at the pool six times a week, I was disciplined with my routine and it was something I later realized I took for granted. In high school, I quit swimming when my Mom’s long-standing battle with cancer became terminal. It wasn’t until I was in university that I found yoga. I am so grateful that Jocelyn and her mom Kathy introduced me to it. My yoga practice was time I could dedicate to reconnecting with myself. It was a safe space to disconnect from daily hardships and focus on my breath and movement. After my Mom passed away, yoga provided me with stability by offering a community of connection and unity.

My teaching journey actually started with spin. I had been working reception part time at a yoga and spin studio and fell in love with the high energy and music that was in the spin room. After teaching spin for a year, I was confident enough to sign up for my first 200-hour yoga teacher training. This teacher training sparked a light in me that led me to continue training under the Baptiste Institute for the next four years. After attending the Global Summit in October 2017, I became a Certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor.

I am so grateful for my teachers. Without them I would not be where I am today. Baron Baptiste says that yoga is an excavation to the soul, an uncovering. The most important lesson I learned at his Level 1 teacher training is that there is nothing to "fix" or "figure out" - the answer is already inside of us. Over the years, I have learned so much about myself and my reactions, and I have discovered confidence in myself to be a leader. To me, “health is wealth” and movement is freedom. I feel very grateful to share this practice with like-minded people, and to be of service to my community through yoga.

I am committed to the growth of Living Room Yogis as a space for individuals to come together as a community, embrace who they are, and uplift each other. What I have learned through my training is that each person's journey is different, no matter how old, strong, or flexible you are, this practice is for every-BODY and I am honoured to support you in your journey! During life's hardships, sometimes the hardest part of yoga is getting on your mat. Whether you've been following Jos and I since the beginning, if I've met you previously in spin or yoga classes, or if you're brand new, we can't wait to see you in class!